Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Our Wedding Part 3 - The Pawty



(HOW DO YA GET CAPS FINGY OFF??.......oh....grate! fanks dad!)

Okie. So weese all left church afta da ceremony to much confetti, rice, bacon and sossiage frowing. Yep! Sossidge confetti. 'Shake and share'. 

Apparently @Coney_Greyhound wos sooo hungry she and @Oz_theTerrier was spotted catchin' and eatin' dem sossiages while making way to pawty which took
Thank you @Coney_greyhound for takind dis grate pic!
Being da 'Bestest Border Terrier' dat I wos, (that be me, Da Griff), I made sure guests had drink when they arrived and offered first round of BaconBeer (see....da pic!)

Guests from the Ceremony raced over and ophers joined at da pawty including:
@MrKiplingwoof, @Millie_Dog, @Floydthelurcher, @poppy_dog, @diamondbertie, @Puppyjones, @Jones_girl3 @Weeasar. 

I knows Ollie and Annie were so pleased to see all their furiends !(Anyfur else there....u tweet da' Griff okie?!  Weese add you coz we want to make sure got evphry one)

Dis wos inside venue (Smart eh?!)
As Bestest BT I did toast to borpher Ollie and new sista Annie!

Ollie di like da bubbles a lot (did many Belches).
But da'Griff not so sure about dem (see video HERE!_)

Annie then go change into Pawty clothes coz she said dat dress was hamperin' her style! BOL! 
Once Annie changed, DJ Lady Lexie (aka @Dogstoevsky) did call everyfurry for First Dance.

Ollie scooped Annie to Dance Floor in strong paws (wiph large fat sack hidden by tie PHANK GOODNESS!!! I is allowed to say dat 'cause  I is his furbro!) and they swayed to da First Dance as a married couple. It wos 'Angels' by Robbie Williams  
(u can listen to song at dat link okie?!)

Dancing and especially drinkin' wos now well under way for most guests ('cept da' Griff course), including Baconbeer
and Scooby Doos
At dis point Ollie wos put in Twitter Jail for drinkin' under age so I took over pawceedings, strutting my BT stuff for @JessPals, shimmy shakin' it to 'La Bamba', 'Baby Love', 'Night Fever', 'Love Is In The Air' (dedicachun from @Borderpup), 'I'm In Da mood For Dancing', 'Shine', 'Don't Stop The Music'.
Muzic was brilliant!  Phanks Lexie!!!!!!! (u wonna go date wiph da' Griff BTW????)

When Da groom (dat be Ollie) did get out ov Twitter Jail, he make special request for DJ Lexie to play 'My Love (Justin Timberlake)
fur his boootiful new bride. (Dat be Annie). (Now I KNOW whot u gonna say, but give Ollie break...he actually LIKES it...). Turned out Annie LOVED it! She needed steady supply tissues!

Weese all were dancin' so much dat DJ Lexie set da' glitter balls turning and laoded 'Foam machine 'wiph bacon bites, sossidges and baconnaise, blasting it onto dance floor', that it did make us realise we were very HUNGRY!!!!

For Starters we nommed on Love Heart Bacon wiv Bone Garnish
For main Course we nommed Slithers of Real Chicken Drizzled wiph Baconaise Sauce
(courtesy of @Bridietheborder for da baconaise recipe)
And STEAK!!!!  BOL!
For Dessert... Melting Banana Mousse wiv Chew Stick Swizzlers
 Then it was time for da 'Cutting Da Cake Ceremony'............ YUP YUP....... SOSSIDGE CAKE WIV BACONAISE OF COURSE !!!!!!
Annie and Ollie cut it togeva and shared out slices.  It was DDEEEELLISSH! Ma' date @JessPals 'specially loved it, saying it was NOMMYLICIOUS.  I did see lots of nomming especially Tucker @Bvfeyj @Rebus_Scotte @Floydthelurcher and Flora @Angusthescottie amongst many ovfurs!

Wiph cake finished, it wos time for ANNIE (HI ANNIE!!!! GRIFF HERE!!!!!! OH CAPS AGAIN HELLPPPP...oh. phanks dad!)

Sorry....Right. Time for Annie to phow bowqet. Turns out she had hers and LOTS of little bowqets so everfur could catch one.
There was lots of jumping and after many paws in da air, weeese did discover dat at least @Spriteandfinn @coney_greyhound and @barneythebasset all did catch one, as did urs truly.....DA GRIFF!!!

Also, I's VERY happy to report dat catching dat bowquet might 'ave actually worked wiv sum of our furiends. (Rumor has it dat Finn @Sprintandfinn is going on 'secret picnic date' wiph Tucker @Bvfeyj DIS WEEEKEND.  Everyfur be sure to ask how it went on Monday okie)?!?!

Sadly, at dis time Annie wos sent to Twitter Jail for tweeting too much.  (@TeaganTheDog sad it was aWifely Duty to tweet a lot BOL!).  although she did get out again quick she did miss sum ov the other gossip on who wos dancin wiph whoom, who wos flirtin (DAT WOS MEEE, Tucker @Bvfeyj, @Oz_theTerrier, @Rebus_Scottie and @MrKiplingwoof wiv thoses girlies). 

She also did miss seeing who wos busy into da Baconbeer (dat could have been @Oz_theTerrier @Bridietheborder and @Coney_Greyhound.....@Rebus_Scottie and PetetheJack.  Only saying now....)

Too many 'Scottie Smoothie' Dogtails?
One too many 'JR Terrier Teaser' Dogtails wiv dat beer @petethejack?
Annie was back from Twitter jail in time to hear da luvly Dj Lady Lexie play final song of da evening 'Friends will Be Friends' by Queen.  How true dat song is. Evryfur was holding paws in a circle, swaying and dancin'. 

What a great ending to a Pawfect Pawty.  Da guests left with fanks and many best wishes to the happy doggie couple (some had to have there 'mums' pick 'em up, menshuning no names @Whyshouldntwe... and there were overs!)

It is rumoured dat Ollie and Annie are either on or about to go on their luffy Honeymoon in Santorini which @Barnetthebasset did give them! 
HEY....wait....wot 'bout Da' Griff?!?!?!

 And now the Wedding is ova, da memories of Happy Times wiv lovely Furiends, the question remains....'Will there be pitter patter of tiny paws......'

Some 'Besties' perhaps?!?

 Time will Tell.

 Ollie @theGOBros and Annie @AnnieBella021 married!
Can ya believes it?!
We wishes dem lot ov Happy Doggie Fun togeva!

   Thank you all for coming to Da Most Amazing Wedding of Da year and for having so much fun wiv us!

And wiph dat....

(PS  Is is available, and I did catch da Bowquet!  BOL!)

Annie and Ollie did have such fun on their Twitter wedding and were so appreciative of all their lovely friends who joined them, all those mentioned here and all who were there to watch the pawceedings.

Ollie and Annie know what lucky dogs they are to have such luffly humans to look after them and they also remember that not all anipals are so lucky so they are supporting their charity at 
and hoping that maybe some of their pals could too. Only 'Loose Change' is all they barking for! 
(Payment is in UK Stirling but the website converts it)


  1. That is the BEST recap of the BESTEST party of the year, Griff!

    Doggone, we had soooooo much fun and evfurthing was deelishus - foodies, cake and of course, da bacon beer! Who's wedding is next?!?

  2. Hey, Griff dat was da best blog. Me and dad is cryin wiv laffter at your video of the alkyhol!!

  3. Griff dat is brilliaunt! Dat was some party init?

  4. Concats to teh happy cuple I did miss teh wedding an I iz sorry cuz it duz sownd like it wuz lotsa fun an rilly romantik, thanks you Griff