Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Annie and Ollie: Life in the Married Lane

Hi furiends!

It has been just over 2 weeks now since Annie and I were married on Twitter surrounded by ur bestest furs and felines. Many of u been askin' whot it like to be married, whether Annie and I is happy and every now and again, how Annie puts up with my lazinessI usually be nappin' when she wants to tweet
(see evidence below...)

So, weese gonna spill u the beans on married doggielife....ALL of it!!! (sorry Annie, but a boies gotta do whot a boies gotta do! I pawmiss I won't eat them though... I gets bad gas when I eat beans!)

For dose of u finkin 'bout marriage (hmmm hmmm, Tucker @bvfeyj? Da' Griff perhaps?!), fings are mostly as they were before. Many of u I fink forget sometimes that Annie and I do be separated by a REALLY LARGE OCEAN AND A 5-HOUR TIME CHANGE!

Well, now that we got THAT out of the way, Annie and I fought meybe we take u through a typical day of life in the 'married lane'. Ur days start wiph Annie tweetin' somefink like this:
"Has anyone seen my Doghubby Ollie and his bro Da'Griff yet today?!! 
*blows kiss*

 To which I's reply wiph snores soooo loud they travel the ocean and annie remembers I still in bed and sits to watchin' and waitin'
5 hours later, but ONLY after walks and breakfast (boies: keep the ladies waitin' u know...its key for them to antici-paw-ate ur arrival) we get typist to say somephink like this.        

  "GObros HERE....who THERE?!?! @Anniebella021 u there?!"

And it works like MAGIC. Annie come running wigglin' her purdy little Westie cut, wearin' her cute pink collar and goes

"Oh THERE u are!!! *wag wag spin spin Westie Licks*

(Between us boies....those Westie licks are to DIE for!). Weese highly recommend cute little Westies for courtin'

And it goes on like that. Annie makes me sossiages........
And I tell her 'bout my pooos (which this week didn't look at ALL like this happy little dude I might add....).

As most of u know, I did have some problems wiph my beautifur tush this week that left me in much pain and discomfort (for this one, I will spare u your cookies by not showin' u a photo :-p )

While some of u did tease:

A Dog and His Mum

For Ollie, with hopes that laughter is the BEST medicine!

There once was a dog with his mum
who had a swollen and sore little bum.
He went to the vet,
racked up some debt
and now it’s the wrong end that hums.

--Oscar De Wilde

(phanks @Oz_theTerrier. Dis poem wos supa)

And others attempted to provide some 'relief' (@whyshouldntwe, @Jesspals)

Sweet Annie stayed true, sending many wuzzes, Westie licks and lubs my way the ENTIRE week. She did fabulous job of keeping all youse informed of my 'progress' and stayed by my side like no opher Westie Wifey wood.....despite my pathetic lookin' behind!.

So, we end ur first post-marriage blog wiph this piece of advice.

While marriage sometimes includes pawties, honeymoons and dogtini's, its 'bout all the little things in life that count: sossiages, poos and Westie/BT wuzzes first thing in the am and last thing before bed.

But.....I's still gonna make her wait for me in the mornin'!!!!!

Stay tuned for next instalment: The Newlywed Game - R-rated Edition


  1. Aw, shucks...that is the sweetest post about "life in da married lane"! I am so glad you two are happy and havin a good marriage!

    And, Ollie, weez all glad that you and your hiney is better now. Annie was a fine Westie Wife/Nurse thru the whole thing. You is one lucky dawg!!

  2. Hee hee! Ollie is right! Married Life is fun for me dis side of da pond. I doesn't even mind da 5 hour wait while dat Ollie does snooze! (Boies! Huh! dey always be eating, snoozing or making a mess! BOL) Ollie is right. It is da ikkle fings about being married dat count like sending sossidges, discussing *ahem* poos, and Westie/BT wuzzes first fing in morning and last fing at night. Wot more could a Westie Girlie want?! I recommend it although i gotta say ya have to find da right doggie! I fink I have *sigh*. Love AnnieB X

  3. I duz luff readin your blogz Annie and Ollie, I duz be so glad you iz havin good married life. It duz be such a shame you duz live so far apart and duz hav different time zones.

    I duz phink I wood like to be married one dai but not yet coz I am too yung. xx

  4. Oh I duz fourget to say, I ope your butt duz be better now Ollie.

  5. Hello Hamish. Thank you for reading our bloggie and for ya 'pawprint'. I do fink you are right, you is a ikkle bit young yet. I does advise ya gotta find da right pawtner. BOL! Love AnnieB X