Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ollie's Stag

Last night was ma Stag Pawty! Some of my bestest furiend came out, including @Oz_theTerrier, @Borders2 (aka. Mac and Ginger!) @bensonthehusky @RockyYorkieDog @bridietheborder @TeaganTheDog @Whyshouldntwe and even little @SmudgeBT came!!!

Sadly dough, my bestest furs @Clairetweet (aka Ernie) @marleyterrier  @Spriteandfinn and @jones_girl3 (aka Frankie and Stewie) couldn't make it :(

However, we had sooo much fun. We did 'ave toasts all 'round  and little Smudge did get bubblies up his nose!

There were lots of edibles inlcuding baconaise, chicken wings and dis baconmelt!!

@Oz_theTerrier did bring some ladie furs too but we musn't talk 'bout dat.

---Or 'bout @bridietheborder sneakin' upstairs to snog wiph another furiend
My newest good furiend @Oz_theTerrier did have a bit too much bacconbeer. But he did write this fantastick limerick for me...... 

There once was a dog named Ollie
who was filled to the brim with folly.
Then appeared Annie
who spanked his poor fanny,
and swore to marry ole Ollie.

Still, I say a great phanks to all my furiends for hostin' me da bestest stag ever. Even dough I don't remember the end of it.....


  1. Uh oh! I knew it. Ya boise be up to high jinks! And Young @Oz_theterrier... I saw his 'guests'! BOL! At least ya safe and sound and looked afta by ya hoomans, thank goodness! How's Da Griff?! BOL
    Less than 24 hours to go.... oh I got so much to do. Ma says 'bath'(?) then 'pawdicure' BOL!

  2. Annie: It was Ollie's last hurrah so we had to bring the "guests". Ollie was a good boy, though...he looked but didn't sniff!