Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Groom Tells All

'Ello Ello! It do be I: Ollie of theGObros, Annie's fiance!

Since uv arrived at ur bloggie, u shuld know it is true: I did propose to Annie a few days ago. From my side, I fink it wos typical case of love at first sight (although Annie dosn't know dat!). I mean, look at could u not?!!?

I 'ave had doggie crush on her since we met on Twitter. But those of u who now me no I am a modest BT. Annie did have lots of 'suitors' (like @Angusfala, @spriteandfinn @Rebus_Scottie). But after time I saw no fur had asked for her like any good BT, I took matters into my own legs and asked her to marry me! 

And boy oh boy, I wos pleased as punch when she said YES!!!!! (u know, I did suffer a case of the bald spots last moph so I thought she wouldn't find me handsome enugh....but then again....I can be a very handsome dude :)

So, dis be my side of story. And I stickin' to it! Annie and I do 'ave lots of planning to do but keep readin' and we inform u of time and agenda! U must all come to ur wedding!!!

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  1. What beautiful things you say Ollie! You are such a gentleman, so handsome and such a romantic doggie too!I had no hesitation in accepting your luffly proposal! You are the handsomest doggie I ever did see and I am so excited about our Wedding on Friday 20th 2.00pm EST/7.00pm GMT. Hope all our furiends can come an help us celebrate! *Blows Special Westie Kiss*