Monday, 16 August 2010


Dear Furiends,

Dis week has been crazzzyy so far since Ollie @theGOBros did propose to Annie @AnnieBella021 on Twitter. Here is a luffly picture just to remind you of the very handsome doggie making da romantic proposal.... (doggie boies take notes...)

Since then it is rumoured dat Annie has been wearing Ollie's ring...... 'parrently she doesn't eva take it off, even when she is digging in da garden......

OK. We do believe dat da 'fur did fly' a little when news got out dat Ollie had asked for Annie's paw in marriage.  It seemed dat many other doggies would have liked to be in Ollie's paws..... But Annie is in Luuvv wiv the one and only Ollie and her head will not be turned, even if da ears did twitch a little!  BOL!  She a loyal doggie through and through and she be true to Ollie for eva.

The happy couple have sent out their intitations via dis blog and and lots of luffly doggies have replied.  It is going to be da Pawty of Da Year! Our luffly furiend Hamish @HamishtheWestie has set da trend for da boies outfits.  He looks stunning! Catch him if ya can girlies!
Today Annie has been 'out'.  We think she has been spied visiting various 'clusive bowtiques lookin' for wedding dresses. We also have news that she has been seen talkin' to da florist and da bootician!  We have to wait for further updates on da plans, but it has been leaked dat she is working on da 'English Rose wiv Pink and Blue' Theme for her and da bridesmaids!  We await confurmation of dis infurmation!

For nows dis is all the news de Happy Couple are releasing 'bout their Wedding Pawty. I think they are keeping us guessing.

Don't forget though, evfurry one is invited on Friday 20th August (dis Friday!) at 2.00pm EST/7.00pm GMT to da celebration. Lady Lexie @Dogstoyevsky will be da DJ.  She is da best you eva did hear or see.

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