Friday, 20 August 2010

Annie and Ollie's Registry

It be 4 hours until Annie and I are wed in macaroni and some of ur furiends been askin' 'bout gifts which did make me realise we did not give u ur registery!!!

So here it is!

#1. No gifts are necessary. Presence at #AnnieAndOllie in t-4 hours is good 'nough.

BUT.....for dose of u wantin' to bring a little somephing, I fink Annie would like dese types of things:

 As u know, Annie do be very 'fashon forward' and she loves lukin' purdy. New collars, bows, etc do be very nice ideas!

I like des colars by WonderDog myself!

Annie also like stuffies, so if its a favorite of yours, she'll love it toO!

For dose of u lookin to get in touch wiph creative juices, I phot dis wos a great idea......

And while I be a modest doggie and wont u to direct ur gifts to Annie, dis do by my favorite toy EVER and I wuld not say no to gettin' one or one hundred...

Finally, for dos of ur bestest furiends who REALLY do wont to give us wedding gift, we 'ave a charity dat we boph support called 'International Animal Rescue' They rescue furs around 'da world who do be in need whether from natural disasters like floods, earthquakes etc or opressed 'cause humans didn't treat them properly.

We have set up a place where if u wish, u can donate your monies online if u like in support of ur day. Here be the link. And we promise, it do be safe and legit.

We will leave the link up for u to donate throughout the weekend. If u 'ave anopher charity u would like to support instead, please feel free to do dat too! :) Weese very lucky furs and fink we all have very lucky humans as well!We just wont to share ur good future wiph other furs who may need some in turn.

Weese leave all these options up to you if you decide you in the givin' mood this weekend!!!

I's soooo excited!!! I can't wait for pawty to begin!!!!!

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