Thursday, 19 August 2010

The GObros look for a Venue

Can u believe it?! It do be just over 24 hours until I ask Annie for her 'paw' in holy macaroni!
Da'Griff and I been so busy, we havn't even had time to update the bloggie.

But since u all waitin' for news on da big day, we did go out yesterday to choose a 'venue' dat would be perfect for purdy Annie!

 Ur first guest wos arrivin, in the am so we went to meet her train. Dad wouldn't tell us who wos comin' so we waiting wiph anticipation until......

....we saw dat it wos ur grand-fur Sylvia comin to ur wedding!!! Annie, dis is Sylvia, Sylvia, Annie. Annie u willl love her.....she very much a terrier kinda lady!

Anyways,  den we did go lookin' for venues and wondered if Annie wuld like a cultural spot for da weddin?

dis do be the Royal Ontario Museum. Lots of pple like this crystally glob, but Torontonians not so much and since we be Toronto doggies, we phot NAH!

 So we kept looking. 

On ur walks we did find a musician for hirin' after Lady Lexie be finished her set. Whot u phink Annie? He promised he's wear a tie for da evenin....

We did search hard but not quite find exactly whot we wanted. But den after some nomin' weese decided we gonna bring ur furs to the BESTEST venue in Toronto....

The CN Tower. U all invited to ride da elevator WAYYY up to da top where there do a glass floor and swishy eatin's. They even offered to cater fur free as we be the first doggie wedding to 'ave ur 'reception' dere!

24 hours to go....Is SOOOOOO excited!!!!!! U will join us won't u?!?!


  1. If that huge bag is full of treats, then that grand-fur Sylvia is my new best friend!

  2. Perfect venue! I can't wait to spin some discs in dat place! Good choice! Woohooo can't wait!

  3. Oh ya been busy! I think I going to like my new Grand Fur! Oh waht a Pawfect place for da wedding! What a special venue and what a lucky doggie I am. I a on my way to da airport now! BOL! I so excited!