Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hen Pawty

To all my furiends who be girlies...
Would ya like to join me on a little bit ov fun at my Hen Night Pawty tonite?

Before I get married to the most handsomest Ollie on Friday 2.00pm EST/7.00pm GMT, I thought we could have a final 'fling' and go to my favourite field where all the bunnies play and where all their scents are.

We could play 'hide and seek' wiv them?  What do ya think?! (Only one rule tho'..... no catching dem overwise Ma will shriek and stop us playing! BOL!)

My furiend Lily @Tartan_Terriers has got da right idea already.....

Lily @Tartan_Terriers Rabbit Hunting
Hope you can come!
See ya at da 'Rabbit Field'!
Annie X


  1. Woof I love those big pink ears!! I was just out looking for bunnies, I shall see if mum got a pic of me with my bottom in the air BOL