Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Our Wedding part 2 - The Ceremony

I fink weese left Wedding Blog #1 wiph ur guests seated and
waiting for the ceremony to begin.

So there I wos (Ollie of @theGObros) with da'Griff, waiting pawtiently at the altar for Annie and her bridesfurs to walk down the aisle. But if u can believe it, some of ur guests got impatient wontin' the pawceeding to 'urry up so they  could 
get on wiph nomin', drinkin', dancin' and flirtin' wiph deir dates. 
We won't mention no names *coughs under breath* (@Oz_theTerrier)

Once everyfur wos in place, Oz_theTerrier did redeem himself by sending us dis poem to start off da pawceedings (did u know he composed it himself?!)

After a few Pawtographs, the bride (dat wuld be Annie) 
walked up da Aisle to Wedding March to meet her most handsomest 
Border Terrier Doggiehubby to-be (dat would be me, Ollie) 
to many awwws... and ahhhhhsss from da guests. 

@Bvfeyj was heard whisperin 'That must be the most pawfect vision I ever did see'. 

Whot followed wos the most romantic Twittermony dat ever did  took place.

I tweeted my vows to Annie (below) infront uf all ur furiends.

At dis time, Annie did try to kiss me.... but I did make her wait until after she 
tweeted her vows too. Annie agreed to ma vows and barked she would 
'Love, Honour, Play, Chase and be all the good fings 
a Westie Wifey should be'
in return.

Paws were raised by all guests in witness of the occasion and wiph dat,
weese wos declared 'Married'

I did then *grab Annie and kissed her while dipping her upside down*
Impressed wiph my 'smooth moves' Annie declared herself the 
'happiest and luckiest Westie in da whole wide world to be marrying the handsomest, most gentlemanly, kind, and considerate Border Terrier Doggie in the whole wide world'

Whispers circled the church 'bout how we just the 'PAWFECT couple' (@Bvfeyj) 
and 'so much love in this room' (@whyshouldntwe)
Many tissues were passed . Oz_theTerrier being the gentlemanly Scottie he is, 
even looked after @Coney_greyhound, oftering her 'another tissue'?

Much bacon , rice and sossidge confetti showered the happy couple 
as Annie and I, followed by da'Griff and Annie's bridefurs did zoomies 
down the aisle and out the church.

 Many well wishes were tweeted throughout the day, including a few of ur favorites:
(well, okie, the ones we could remember :-p  Da day passed in such a whirl)

@DevilOnIceSkate: 'OMD How beeyootifal.  Congratulations to the happy couple'
@HamishtheWestie: 'diz is the best wedding I has evr been to'
@JessPals: `lets all do zooooomies of love and happiness for Annie and Ollie`
@barneythebasset: `Can I catch the bouquet so I can be the next to be married!`
@RockyYorkieDog: `May u have many happy years together 
and many pitter patter of tiny anipaws`

On to the Pawty in da final blog!

Boph Annie and I did have such fun and are so appreciative of all ur friends who joined us and those who unable to watch the pawceedings.
What lucky dogs we are to have such luffly humans to look after us. But we did also remember that not all anipals are so lucky so we are supporting ur charity
and hoping that maybe some of ur pals will too!!! 
'Loose Change' is all we barking for! 
(Payment is in UK Stirling but the website converts it...)


  1. I missed sossij confetti? Now Im rilly cross I wozznt there. Dad...!

  2. Hey! Coney was the one who whipped out the sossijes in the church; she was so excited for the occasion that she got hungry! I couldn't let my date go hungry, now could I?

    And all bacon beer was saved until after the pawceedings, even if Petethejack and I cracked one open on the way to the reception! BOL!

    The whole evening was wonderful!