Monday, 16 August 2010

The GObros Go Shoppin'

Today Griff and I did go shopping for ur wedding 'tire' (humans give strange names sometimes don't u fink?!).Anyways, we did bring along the camera to doccument ur adventure.

As u probly red, Annie has chosen pink and blue as her weddin' colors. So Griff figured good place to start shoppin' wos for somephink pink.

Well, dis wos the first pink fing he saw and he wos eagre to try it on.

He quite liked it and wonted to wear it, but I had to remind him that the GIRLS wear pink and dis IS a wedding :-p

Okie. Well, after clearin' dat up, I figurd we should start wiph basics: otherwise known as the Skiivies!!!

Here in Canada, men do ware whots called a 'wife beater' under deir clothes. U UK doggies now whot we mean???? Maybe u call it an 'under-shirt'?
I fink dis one looks good so I gonna ware it. Wiph skivvies checked off ur list, I wondered if Annie wold wont somephing wiph a religous undertone. 

Weeelll, being a ball-obsessed BT, I no little 'bout religon. Or culture, but we did find dis and wondered if Annie wold like it? Whot u phink?

We did get hungry at dis point and went for noms.

Griff wonted marshmellows (I do fink he wos dropped on his head as a puppy.....) But I talked him into sossiage instead :)

After more searchin' I happy to 'nouce we did find outfits for Friday's big event. I can't tell u whot weese wearin, but I can tell u......

                                                          will involve these


  1. I be laughing so much I am rolling about on da floor and Ma's not much different either! I can't help wonder if ya boies needed a bit more 'supervisin' on ya shopping trip! I is wondering if you did visit da right kinda 'bowtiques' for da Groom and his Best Dawgie or whether ya got side tracked and went barking up da wrong tree?! If ya wearing dat when I walk up da isle I will be laughing so much and waggling my tail that my outfit is gona be ruined before I get to ya! BOL! Have ya got ya speech written yet Da Griff? BOL
    See ya Friday!

  2. A wife beater??? A wife beater??? Iz called a vest ova ere! Never eard it called a wife beater befor!
    Iz very funnie bloggie. The glazzez are brillant!