Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Newly Wed Game

Hi! Dis Da' Griff

I's here wiph Annie and Ollie who did decide it time for 'nother bloggie on married life. It now been...oh gosh....7 weeks and 4 days since Ollie and Annie were married on Twitter. Now that they settled into 'routine', they fought it would be fun share bit 'bout the fun things they've discovered 'bout each opher!

So......I's yur host, Annie and Ollie are here wiph me... and weese gonna play........

First, lets meet ur cuple: dis be Ollie. And dat be Annie. 
Ollie is a handsome Border Terrier. 
Annie is his beautifur Westie wife. BOL!
First question goes to Ollie: Ollie, whot is Annie's favorite food?

Ollie: Oh, Griff dat one easy.....its......MEATBALLS!!
Annie: Oh yes! Yes! Well done Ollie! You know me so well *blushes* Anyfink with meat in it.And balls do be fun to chase around da bowl!

Nomm nomm.

Okie next question is 4 Annie (Hi Annie!!!!!! Griff here!!!!!!!)

Name one secret 'bout Ollie dat he finks u doesn't know.

Annie:  Ummmmm.... Oh!!! I know! Ollie likes to sleep wiv one eye open...... ?????
               OH!!! And he DROOLS while he sleeps too! BOL!
Ollie: WHOT?!?!?! How did u find that out Annie! That wos a SECRET!!!
               Wait a second.....GRIFFIN......

Right! Well.....time for next question me finks (tee hee):  
Ollie, where is Annie's favourite place to lie?

Ollie: Well, I know where her favorite place to lie WOOD be if u wosn't always getting in the way Griff......
Annie. Oh Ollie! Thats so true, so when Griff gets there first my favourite place to sleep is wiv SmidgeCat  dreaming ov you......*sigh*
Uh oh Ollie, I guess u don't know Annie as well as u thought huh......careful now Annie! Griff still free

Lets try anopher one. Annie, what is Ollie's favourite toy?
Annie: Oh oh!!! I know this one! I know it! Hold on...........
Mr Dangly Legged Horse!
No...wait, thats MY favourite toy! Ollie's favourite toys is.......
His flying chicken from Uncky Greg 
(who owns cousin Penny the Bulldog!)

Well done Annie! I fink u might no more 'bout Ollie than Ollie nose 'bout u! Lets try one last question to test him:  

Ollie, why does Annie wear pink collar wiv love hearts and bones on?
Ollie: umm....because she looks purdy in pink? :-) 
Annie: OLLIE!!!! How COULD YOU!!!! Do you REALLY knot know why I wear that collar?!?! It REMINDS me of ur MARRIAGE!!! Its my  'engagement ring' that YOU gave to me!!!!!! You rememba now?!?!! Why I otta...I otta divorcce you for that one...Well, I would...'cept, well, then Da' Griff wouldn't be my bropher-in-law... BOL!

Why phanks Annie! I fink you just swell Fursis-In-Law!!
I have one more question for Annie....

Annie, can you PLLEAASE convince @dogstoyevsky and 
@bridietheborder to go on date wiph Da' Griff??

 Annie: Ah Griff, you cute, you know. I wills talk to them and see but I can't pawmise they'll say yes...

Phanks Annie!!!!

Okie, wow dis one's for boph of u. I wonts u boph to write ur answer on a card and show it here on phree. 
When Smidgecat and I is not in da way, who hogs the bed???

Ready? One....two....PHREE!

Uh....Ollie, u totally loosin': trust me, u totally hog the bed dude!

So far u have only one question right and Annie has phree. I fink we try one more
Same format: I's gonna ask it to boph u and u post photo of ur answers okie?
(I warnin' u boph.....dis gonna be a good one)

Which  of Annie's furiends would look best in a bikini?

Annie:  Ummmm Da Griff. Dat be very cheeky question! But I gotta get da
                question right...soooo let me see... ummmm I is finking....
Ollie: hehehe Griff dats a great question! And I fink despite all ur differences,
          Annie and I one same wavelength wiph dis one.

U ready Annie? Post on one.....two....PHREE!

BAH!!!!!! Da' Griff?!?!??!?! 
Wiph no bottoms?!?!?!?!

(Bark Out Loud and Roll On The Floor Barking A Lot)

 I's better be in yur wills for dis.......


  1. Bol! I likes da game guys, I fink yoos should go to TV! It would be pawfect viewing!
    I looks forward to more installments!
    Hugs and licks to yoos all....Missy x x x

  2. Pawesome game, my pals!

    Ollie, it does look like Miss Annie knows more about you then you know about her!! (*whispers* Between you and me, I do be thinxin' that Da'Griff be helpin' Annie with the answers.)

    I hopes you both keep writing 'bout da 'life in da married lane' so the rest of us furs will know what to xpect one day. BOL

    Your furiend, Oz xxxxxx

  3. Ooooh hahahahah, we do be larfiin at your blog Griff. Nice cloves too my pal