Saturday, 30 October 2010

Great Expawtations

As you know, Ollie and I has been married for 9 weeks and one day now and weese would like to adopt a 'Bestie'.
Well we have been bizzy *Sniffing about* to see what we can find. BUT, ya know WOT?  Besties are hard to find. Extremely rare. Almost unheard of?! I dusn't understands why?

Anyways, we may be close to finding da next Bestie fing.... It is a waiting game.  I has been waiting pawtiently and I dus have Great Expectations dat we may find our pup really soon! Paws and Ears and Fur Crossed. BOL!
In da meantime, ya know WOT? Mr Ollie Bella Bro is da bestest, kindest, most thoughtful, generous hearted Fur Dad eva.  Dis week he did send a 'Care Package' for me and our Great Expectation!
Oh Wot's in here?
It wos like opening a Treasure Chest....
Dere wos......
A Pressie For our Bestie...such a sweet little puppy tuggy.... pink?
(Just giving it dat 'Once Lick Over')  BOL!
A pressie for us both.... I do like da tastet of fishies.... Maybe a Bestie will too...?  I hopes so!
And a Pressie spechually for me to stop a littlie biting where it shouldn't.... which I show ya later!

Wotch dis space....

Ollie. You going to be da Best Daddy in da whole wide werld.  Thank you for sending Da Care Package so dat our Littlie will be happy and at home from da moment it gets here. From when our Bestie 'opens its eyes' it will see it's Daddy! Ollie Bella Bro.  Dad-To-Be.  You are da most kind, thoughtful and generous doghubby EVA.  Thank You! So luffly.
You and me Ollie..... We waiting wiv great Expawtations.......

Wotch dis space furiends...... Westie Smile

Love AnnieB X

PS  I hope Da Griff up for his Unkie Dooties? BOL!


  1. I duz be waitin eggsitidly for sum noos Anniebella and evryfing iz crozzed for yoo and Ollie.

  2. Deer Hamish. Thank you for keeping ya paws crossed. I tell you noos as sooons as I can... pawmise! Love AnnieB XXXX
    PS share doose kisses wiv Missy Maggie May...) Westie Smile

  3. Oh! Iz just sooooooo excited for you and Ollie! You must keeps us all posted!!

  4. Oh, I feel the excitement bildin. We is lookin forward to da appy day whenever dat do be. Paws crossed for you both that it gonna be soon.