Monday, 18 October 2010

A Letter To Ollie

Dear Ollie,
Da Westie Girls and Da Pet Shoppe Boies did have such a lovely time visiting you on our #minitrip last Furiday! and 

It was so so really nice of youse to entertain us wiv sossidges and beer when we visited ya.  Thank you for having us! You know wot Ollie?!  We has so many luffly friends with such a funtastic sense of enjoying da moment.
We is especially lucky to have our friends, and we is especially lucky to have each ova.  You knows. Weese been married for 8 weeks and 3 days and evfurry day has been doggie bliss. You are the most handsomest doggie in the whole wide werld and those BT colourings and ya gawjus eyes just make my Westie heart melt.  *sigh* 

Ollie.......I's......I's........I's have a dawgie confession to make:

I has been thinking........ I did just wonder..... wot you did fink about being a.......a..... a.....DAD?   

(Annie waits for Ollie to get up of the floor recovering from shock!).

A Dad to a little Bestie of course?

I knows I is over heer and you is over dere but anyfink is pawssible deese days via satellite?.... BOL!

Wot duz you feel about ADOPTING a littlie?  I know I is da girlie and so I duz have to do most ov da day to day looking afta a pupsie and I is happy for dat.  But you would make da most amazing Daddy and could give me all da help in da werld and moral support and advice and everyfink else wot I will needs.  (BTW Dat includes snuggles and stuff when da pup has gone to bed). Would ya be okie if I did wake ya up in middle of night sumtimes? (BOL!) when I is at my wits end wiv a wakey pupsie and has tried everyfinks and dusn’t know wot else to do for da littlie?

When it gets a icckle older, you could take a little Bestie for virtual walkies and teach it everyfinks you know (which duz be a lot). 

Da Griff would make da bestest Unkie in da whole wide werld and I would be so pleezed if he did also teach a littlie everyfink he knows too. (Which also duz be a lot). But...Oh...could ya arsk him to give good Unkie advice from first paw experience and warn da Littlie about ‘heights’ and when and when not to experiment in jumping from dem?!?!

I duz be finking about dis a lot. I fink it is coz I is just so happy to be married to ya dat it would be luffly to have a little family.

Wot ya fink Ollie?!


Your Annie X


  1. I duz ope Ollie duz say Yes Annie, a liddle Bestie would be grate for you both. xx That pic of the liddle westie lookz just like Maggie Moo!

  2. Oh Annie!! I fink a little Besit wud be lovely!

  3. Awwww I fink u will make lubly patents x x

  4. Ollie? Ollie? Where are you? Quick, close the airports.....