Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Response to Annie

Dearest Annie,

So......you really wonts to adopt a Bestie?! A barkin', teasin', bouncy, bitey, smelly,  annoyin' little puppy who nips ur legs and steals ur toys....
U SURE about this?!?!

Well, before u make up ur mind, let me just tell u quickly 'bout whot life wos like when Da' Griff came to live wiph us. Oh, I didn't mind him.... at first. He wos kinda cute and roley poley and slept, well, sometimes.
But Annie?!?! Do u seem dem teeph?!?!?!?! Them teeth HURT!! The playin', it starts REAL innocent. U roll around and u let them jump on ur belly. 
But before you know it....
They's pushin' you.....
 They's bitin' and hangin' off you......
 For YEARS to come!

And Annie. Life as you knew it changed forever. All that attention you lub havin' lavished on you. Well...you can kiss that goodbye 'cause when they little.....
they so gosh damned cute.....
And all those extra noms u used to? Well.....now you'se gotsa share! 

And rememba.....they'se STILL so gosh darned cute :(

Are u pawpared to give all that up for just a few moments of these? 

You are?! Well.....I doesn't blame you :) Despite all his flaws.....
I does kinda lub him :)

OKIE OKIE I gives :)

I's consent to bein' a DAD if it's whot u wont :) 
Anyfink to keep my most beautifur Westie Wife happy!

Just make me one pawmise.....

Do us boph a favor and lets try to find one thats not quite THIS cute! BOL!

Ollie BellaBro, 


  1. Dear Ollie, See! You has years of experience with littlies so I be coming to you for advice (is da middle of da nite alrite?! BOL). Yap! I do really want to adopt a barkin', teasin', bouncy, bitey, smelly, annoyin' little puppy who nips my legs and steals my toys... If da littlie turns out to be as lovely as Da Griff (andyou fo course), then weese will be very lucky! Loves Your Annie

  2. Oh my. Adopshun already?! Youz two move quick! BOL. If youz both want one of those barkin', teasin', bouncy, bitey, smelly, annoyin' little puppys, then youz should adopt one!
    Best of luck...*whispers* You'll need it.
    Your furiend, Oz xxx