Friday 26 November 2010

Growin' Up


Da' Griff here 

(Is I here?!??!)

Oh....ok, yes, I's is here. Ok then.

Life has been very busy for @TheGObros and for @Anniebella021 lately.
So, to keep u all up-to-date, i fought I would write little bloggie to tell u wuz up.

As u all know, Annie and Ollie did get a littlie named Maisie Daisie a few weeks ago.
Which means......I did become an UNCLE!!! Hencforth, I shall be known as Unkie da'Griff okie?! Great.
So that's Maisie in the white bed (cute no???!!!!)

I's happy to report that Maisie is gettin' cuter and cuter and she just LUBS her Unkie Da'Griff!!!!!! 


(Da'Griff can be a bit full of himself sometimes u know...)

Also, Maisie is not the only one gettin' big. I......yes I, Unkie da'Griff......did turn TWO this week!!!!!!!!

Dis is my burfdee cake here. I did have to share wiph Ollie though I's will say......*humph*
Yup, so I's is two which means I supposedly gettin' mature and stuff.....

Well, to celebrate my burfdee, Lexie @dogstoyevsky did ask to take me on a VERY impawtant date.....
YUP!!!! We wented BUNGIEE JUMPING!!!! (very mature huh...?!?!?) I must say I did lub it very much and (I's well know from jumping off heights you know, although last time I broked my leg doing it!) Not this time though. And I's happy to say I didn't drop da' Lexie eipher :)

Annie of course did make me a special burfdee card.....

As did Maisie.......

But no card from Ollie.....

*humph*, go figure :-p

Oh well! (can you see how dis wos turin' into a busy few weeks yet?!?!)

So, boph Maisie and I has been doing some growin' up.

BUT.......weese not the ONLY ones!!!!

This is dad......(@gavatron) . Say Hi Dad!

Well, Dad did some growin' up too this week.

He did defend his PhD dissertation yesterday and is now Dr.@gavatron!!!

AND......Dr.@gavatron wos offered a job in Teaching Development at the University of Guelph this week!!!!!

This means, he now gainfully employeed....and.....

Weese is MOVING!!!!!!!! Yup! No more big city livin' for @TheGObros

We is bery bery proud of him and eggcited to go somewhere wiph more grass for furs :-p


So, we got Maisie growin', Da'Griff growin', Da'Griff's dad growing........AND........

Weese happy to say, that mum (@whiteheatherl) is growing too!!!!! 
As is the newest member of @theGObros family......BABY Whiteson!!!!

Yup.....Ollie and I is going to be Big Brophers and Annie and Maisie is going to be Big Sista's


To close, I's just gonna say, I's bery eggcited for all this growin'.

And now that I's two....I fink I might be ready to be a big bropher......meybe :-p

Unkie Da' Griff............OUT!


  1. Whoa!!!!!!! Dat be lots of growin' in your family there, Da'Griff. I am very sorry I missed your burfdee....Happy Beelated Burfdee, Da'Griff! (Maybe I write a beelated burfdee poem for ya!)

    Yous must be very proud of dad...oh, should I say Dr. Dad. That be wonnerful he gots new job! Congratulations to everyfur @theGobros!

  2. Man there are so many great things going on in your family, congratulations!

    My name is Oskar & I have a great blog that I'd love for you to check out, It's a great place for pet bloggers to come together!

    Happy St. Pats,

  3. Herlo dere, ma namez iz posie, n i iz nyoo to blogging, i saw yooz blog n thot I wudz drop by! licks, p-dorg xox