Friday 26 November 2010

Growin' Up


Da' Griff here 

(Is I here?!??!)

Oh....ok, yes, I's is here. Ok then.

Life has been very busy for @TheGObros and for @Anniebella021 lately.
So, to keep u all up-to-date, i fought I would write little bloggie to tell u wuz up.

As u all know, Annie and Ollie did get a littlie named Maisie Daisie a few weeks ago.
Which means......I did become an UNCLE!!! Hencforth, I shall be known as Unkie da'Griff okie?! Great.
So that's Maisie in the white bed (cute no???!!!!)

I's happy to report that Maisie is gettin' cuter and cuter and she just LUBS her Unkie Da'Griff!!!!!! 


(Da'Griff can be a bit full of himself sometimes u know...)

Also, Maisie is not the only one gettin' big. I......yes I, Unkie da'Griff......did turn TWO this week!!!!!!!!

Dis is my burfdee cake here. I did have to share wiph Ollie though I's will say......*humph*
Yup, so I's is two which means I supposedly gettin' mature and stuff.....

Well, to celebrate my burfdee, Lexie @dogstoyevsky did ask to take me on a VERY impawtant date.....
YUP!!!! We wented BUNGIEE JUMPING!!!! (very mature huh...?!?!?) I must say I did lub it very much and (I's well know from jumping off heights you know, although last time I broked my leg doing it!) Not this time though. And I's happy to say I didn't drop da' Lexie eipher :)

Annie of course did make me a special burfdee card.....

As did Maisie.......

But no card from Ollie.....

*humph*, go figure :-p

Oh well! (can you see how dis wos turin' into a busy few weeks yet?!?!)

So, boph Maisie and I has been doing some growin' up.

BUT.......weese not the ONLY ones!!!!

This is dad......(@gavatron) . Say Hi Dad!

Well, Dad did some growin' up too this week.

He did defend his PhD dissertation yesterday and is now Dr.@gavatron!!!

AND......Dr.@gavatron wos offered a job in Teaching Development at the University of Guelph this week!!!!!

This means, he now gainfully employeed....and.....

Weese is MOVING!!!!!!!! Yup! No more big city livin' for @TheGObros

We is bery bery proud of him and eggcited to go somewhere wiph more grass for furs :-p


So, we got Maisie growin', Da'Griff growin', Da'Griff's dad growing........AND........

Weese happy to say, that mum (@whiteheatherl) is growing too!!!!! 
As is the newest member of @theGObros family......BABY Whiteson!!!!

Yup.....Ollie and I is going to be Big Brophers and Annie and Maisie is going to be Big Sista's


To close, I's just gonna say, I's bery eggcited for all this growin'.

And now that I's two....I fink I might be ready to be a big bropher......meybe :-p

Unkie Da' Griff............OUT!

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Introducing Maisie Daisy

Ollie and I would like to introduce you to our very specul little Bestie.
Hello Werld.  This is Maisie Daisy Bella Bro!
Hello Miss Maisie Daisy!
She is one complete furball of fun and I am teaching her everything I know!
She loves her Daddy and Unkie Griff's 'Care Package'. 
She also loves...........

Fish Tails!
Playing Tug (already?!)
Rough and Tumble
My.... (sorry....) 'Our' Boie!

And we love her!
Shhhhhhhh...... a moment's peace!  Don't wake the baby!

BOL! Oppps..... Quietly.......!

Love Annie Bella Bro

Saturday 30 October 2010

Great Expawtations

As you know, Ollie and I has been married for 9 weeks and one day now and weese would like to adopt a 'Bestie'.
Well we have been bizzy *Sniffing about* to see what we can find. BUT, ya know WOT?  Besties are hard to find. Extremely rare. Almost unheard of?! I dusn't understands why?

Anyways, we may be close to finding da next Bestie fing.... It is a waiting game.  I has been waiting pawtiently and I dus have Great Expectations dat we may find our pup really soon! Paws and Ears and Fur Crossed. BOL!
In da meantime, ya know WOT? Mr Ollie Bella Bro is da bestest, kindest, most thoughtful, generous hearted Fur Dad eva.  Dis week he did send a 'Care Package' for me and our Great Expectation!
Oh Wot's in here?
It wos like opening a Treasure Chest....
Dere wos......
A Pressie For our Bestie...such a sweet little puppy tuggy.... pink?
(Just giving it dat 'Once Lick Over')  BOL!
A pressie for us both.... I do like da tastet of fishies.... Maybe a Bestie will too...?  I hopes so!
And a Pressie spechually for me to stop a littlie biting where it shouldn't.... which I show ya later!

Wotch dis space....

Ollie. You going to be da Best Daddy in da whole wide werld.  Thank you for sending Da Care Package so dat our Littlie will be happy and at home from da moment it gets here. From when our Bestie 'opens its eyes' it will see it's Daddy! Ollie Bella Bro.  Dad-To-Be.  You are da most kind, thoughtful and generous doghubby EVA.  Thank You! So luffly.
You and me Ollie..... We waiting wiv great Expawtations.......

Wotch dis space furiends...... Westie Smile

Love AnnieB X

PS  I hope Da Griff up for his Unkie Dooties? BOL!

Tuesday 19 October 2010

A Response to Annie

Dearest Annie, really wonts to adopt a Bestie?! A barkin', teasin', bouncy, bitey, smelly,  annoyin' little puppy who nips ur legs and steals ur toys....
U SURE about this?!?!

Well, before u make up ur mind, let me just tell u quickly 'bout whot life wos like when Da' Griff came to live wiph us. Oh, I didn't mind him.... at first. He wos kinda cute and roley poley and slept, well, sometimes.
But Annie?!?! Do u seem dem teeph?!?!?!?! Them teeth HURT!! The playin', it starts REAL innocent. U roll around and u let them jump on ur belly. 
But before you know it....
They's pushin' you.....
 They's bitin' and hangin' off you......
 For YEARS to come!

And Annie. Life as you knew it changed forever. All that attention you lub havin' lavished on you. can kiss that goodbye 'cause when they little.....
they so gosh damned cute.....
And all those extra noms u used to? you'se gotsa share! 

And rememba.....they'se STILL so gosh darned cute :(

Are u pawpared to give all that up for just a few moments of these? 

You are?! Well.....I doesn't blame you :) Despite all his flaws.....
I does kinda lub him :)

OKIE OKIE I gives :)

I's consent to bein' a DAD if it's whot u wont :) 
Anyfink to keep my most beautifur Westie Wife happy!

Just make me one pawmise.....

Do us boph a favor and lets try to find one thats not quite THIS cute! BOL!

Ollie BellaBro, 

Monday 18 October 2010

A Letter To Ollie

Dear Ollie,
Da Westie Girls and Da Pet Shoppe Boies did have such a lovely time visiting you on our #minitrip last Furiday! and 

It was so so really nice of youse to entertain us wiv sossidges and beer when we visited ya.  Thank you for having us! You know wot Ollie?!  We has so many luffly friends with such a funtastic sense of enjoying da moment.
We is especially lucky to have our friends, and we is especially lucky to have each ova.  You knows. Weese been married for 8 weeks and 3 days and evfurry day has been doggie bliss. You are the most handsomest doggie in the whole wide werld and those BT colourings and ya gawjus eyes just make my Westie heart melt.  *sigh* 

Ollie.......I's......I's........I's have a dawgie confession to make:

I has been thinking........ I did just wonder..... wot you did fink about being a.......a..... a.....DAD?   

(Annie waits for Ollie to get up of the floor recovering from shock!).

A Dad to a little Bestie of course?

I knows I is over heer and you is over dere but anyfink is pawssible deese days via satellite?.... BOL!

Wot duz you feel about ADOPTING a littlie?  I know I is da girlie and so I duz have to do most ov da day to day looking afta a pupsie and I is happy for dat.  But you would make da most amazing Daddy and could give me all da help in da werld and moral support and advice and everyfink else wot I will needs.  (BTW Dat includes snuggles and stuff when da pup has gone to bed). Would ya be okie if I did wake ya up in middle of night sumtimes? (BOL!) when I is at my wits end wiv a wakey pupsie and has tried everyfinks and dusn’t know wot else to do for da littlie?

When it gets a icckle older, you could take a little Bestie for virtual walkies and teach it everyfinks you know (which duz be a lot). 

Da Griff would make da bestest Unkie in da whole wide werld and I would be so pleezed if he did also teach a littlie everyfink he knows too. (Which also duz be a lot). But...Oh...could ya arsk him to give good Unkie advice from first paw experience and warn da Littlie about ‘heights’ and when and when not to experiment in jumping from dem?!?!

I duz be finking about dis a lot. I fink it is coz I is just so happy to be married to ya dat it would be luffly to have a little family.

Wot ya fink Ollie?!


Your Annie X

Tuesday 12 October 2010

The Newly Wed Game

Hi! Dis Da' Griff

I's here wiph Annie and Ollie who did decide it time for 'nother bloggie on married life. It now been...oh gosh....7 weeks and 4 days since Ollie and Annie were married on Twitter. Now that they settled into 'routine', they fought it would be fun share bit 'bout the fun things they've discovered 'bout each opher!

So......I's yur host, Annie and Ollie are here wiph me... and weese gonna play........

First, lets meet ur cuple: dis be Ollie. And dat be Annie. 
Ollie is a handsome Border Terrier. 
Annie is his beautifur Westie wife. BOL!
First question goes to Ollie: Ollie, whot is Annie's favorite food?

Ollie: Oh, Griff dat one easy.....its......MEATBALLS!!
Annie: Oh yes! Yes! Well done Ollie! You know me so well *blushes* Anyfink with meat in it.And balls do be fun to chase around da bowl!

Nomm nomm.

Okie next question is 4 Annie (Hi Annie!!!!!! Griff here!!!!!!!)

Name one secret 'bout Ollie dat he finks u doesn't know.

Annie:  Ummmmm.... Oh!!! I know! Ollie likes to sleep wiv one eye open...... ?????
               OH!!! And he DROOLS while he sleeps too! BOL!
Ollie: WHOT?!?!?! How did u find that out Annie! That wos a SECRET!!!
               Wait a second.....GRIFFIN......

Right! Well.....time for next question me finks (tee hee):  
Ollie, where is Annie's favourite place to lie?

Ollie: Well, I know where her favorite place to lie WOOD be if u wosn't always getting in the way Griff......
Annie. Oh Ollie! Thats so true, so when Griff gets there first my favourite place to sleep is wiv SmidgeCat  dreaming ov you......*sigh*
Uh oh Ollie, I guess u don't know Annie as well as u thought huh......careful now Annie! Griff still free

Lets try anopher one. Annie, what is Ollie's favourite toy?
Annie: Oh oh!!! I know this one! I know it! Hold on...........
Mr Dangly Legged Horse!
No...wait, thats MY favourite toy! Ollie's favourite toys is.......
His flying chicken from Uncky Greg 
(who owns cousin Penny the Bulldog!)

Well done Annie! I fink u might no more 'bout Ollie than Ollie nose 'bout u! Lets try one last question to test him:  

Ollie, why does Annie wear pink collar wiv love hearts and bones on?
Ollie: umm....because she looks purdy in pink? :-) 
Annie: OLLIE!!!! How COULD YOU!!!! Do you REALLY knot know why I wear that collar?!?! It REMINDS me of ur MARRIAGE!!! Its my  'engagement ring' that YOU gave to me!!!!!! You rememba now?!?!! Why I otta...I otta divorcce you for that one...Well, I would...'cept, well, then Da' Griff wouldn't be my bropher-in-law... BOL!

Why phanks Annie! I fink you just swell Fursis-In-Law!!
I have one more question for Annie....

Annie, can you PLLEAASE convince @dogstoyevsky and 
@bridietheborder to go on date wiph Da' Griff??

 Annie: Ah Griff, you cute, you know. I wills talk to them and see but I can't pawmise they'll say yes...

Phanks Annie!!!!

Okie, wow dis one's for boph of u. I wonts u boph to write ur answer on a card and show it here on phree. 
When Smidgecat and I is not in da way, who hogs the bed???

Ready? One....two....PHREE!

Uh....Ollie, u totally loosin': trust me, u totally hog the bed dude!

So far u have only one question right and Annie has phree. I fink we try one more
Same format: I's gonna ask it to boph u and u post photo of ur answers okie?
(I warnin' u boph.....dis gonna be a good one)

Which  of Annie's furiends would look best in a bikini?

Annie:  Ummmm Da Griff. Dat be very cheeky question! But I gotta get da
                question right...soooo let me see... ummmm I is finking....
Ollie: hehehe Griff dats a great question! And I fink despite all ur differences,
          Annie and I one same wavelength wiph dis one.

U ready Annie? Post on one.....two....PHREE!

BAH!!!!!! Da' Griff?!?!??!?! 
Wiph no bottoms?!?!?!?!

(Bark Out Loud and Roll On The Floor Barking A Lot)

 I's better be in yur wills for dis.......