Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Introducing Maisie Daisy

Ollie and I would like to introduce you to our very specul little Bestie.
Hello Werld.  This is Maisie Daisy Bella Bro!
Hello Miss Maisie Daisy!
She is one complete furball of fun and I am teaching her everything I know!
She loves her Daddy and Unkie Griff's 'Care Package'. 
She also loves...........

Fish Tails!
Playing Tug (already?!)
Rough and Tumble
My.... (sorry....) 'Our' Boie!

And we love her!
Shhhhhhhh...... a moment's peace!  Don't wake the baby!

BOL! Oppps..... Quietly.......!

Love Annie Bella Bro


  1. Oh, Annie and Ollie...she is just so precious! Good luck teaching her all the ins-and-outs of being a great terrier! Woof!
    xxx Oz

  2. Oh my werd, what a cutie. I do send some gentle wuzzes for little Maisie. Woofello

  3. Oh my, your new little pup is way tooooo cute! Enjoy every second - they grow up so fast. All the best - Katie

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